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CVD SiC Coatings

CVD SiC Coatings Extend Ultra-Clean Performance to More Components

CoorsTek is also able to apply ultra-pure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) silicon carbide coatings on select graphite, siliconized silicon carbide, and silicon carbide substrates. This advanced ceramic coating technology provides the benefits of particle-free surface quality and enhanced corrosion resistance on larger, more cost-effective parts than possible with solid bulk CVD SiC.

PureSiC CVD SiC Coatings

PureSiC coatings are fine-grained silicon carbide coatings applied to graphite or siliconized SiC, optimized for epitaxial (epi), rapid thermal processing (RTP), and etch processes.

TPSS CVD SiC Coatings

TPSS coatings are traditional fine-grained SiC coatings used in high-temperature diffusion furnaces.

Clear Carbon™ Coatings

Clear Carbon™ SiC coatings provide high-temperature durability and uniform heat transfer. The high purity coarse-grained silicon carbide coatings applied to graphite for epitaxial applications. 

Substrate Materials




Each coating is specially engineered to meet the application. Contact CoorsTek for more information.



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